Carpet Repairs in Marietta

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Let Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning get your home healthier and cleaner today!

Before considering a costly replacement of your carpets, call Steam N Fresh.  We can help save you thousands of dollars and make your carpet look new again. You trust Steam N Fresh as your go-to carpet, area rug, tile and upholstery cleaner, we also offer carpet repairs and stretching. If you have areas of color loss, buckles, ripples, waves in your carpet, or those stubborn stains that just won't go away, call us. In most cases a simple repair is all that's needed. no need to replace it.

Steam N Fresh Can Help!
Over time the carpet in your Marietta home can loosen or become damaged due to heavy furniture & traffic, accidental spills and everyday wear-and-tear. Utilizing a power stretcher, Steam N Fresh stretches your carpet just like when it was freshly installed. This will remove all the waves and bumps in your carpeting, returning the luster to your entire home with one simple service.


Of all the reasons to choose Steam N Fresh, including our expert cleaning techniques, thorough cleaning methods and high quality workmanship, we can also save you money. A loose carpet wears much faster than a stretched one, after a repair from Steam N Fresh, you'll be happy to have added years of life to back your carpet.

We can fix this too. In many cases, we can take your old split seam and make it look as if it was never there at all. As always, our first step is analysis of the problem before we take any action. With all of our carpet repair and stretching services, you always get a 100% honest, upfront price and we warranty our repairs and re-stretches for two years.

We can stretch a carpet that has shrunk or tighten a loose one, if you can see your carpet is starting to loosen, give Steam N Fresh a call before your carpets become unsightly or damaged.  We can even cut out a stubborn stain and replace it with a patch of excess carpeting. If you don't have an extra piece of carpeting we can take a donor piece from a closet, if you'd like.

This can all be done at a small fraction of the cost of replacing your carpet.

If your home has burn marks, split seams, pet damage, holes, tears, buckles, waves, or other types of damages Steam N Fresh can provide a solution using our expert repair techniques. From small cigarette burns to re-stretching your entire home, Steam N Fresh is your solution for all your carpet repair needs.

Call for a free carpet repair inspection, we’ll be honest and upfront about what we can do for you.