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Let Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning get your office healthier and cleaner today!

If you're looking for a professional commercial carpet cleaner in Marietta, Steam N Fresh provides professional steam carpet cleaning service for their commercial clients. Having a clean facility is extremely important when bringing in new clients and Steam N Fresh provides commercial carpet maintenance programs that keep your office healthier, and more productive.


Research shows the a cleaner work environment is more productive and reducing the air particulates, bio-pollutants, and VOCs is exactly what a preventative commercial carpet maintenance program does.  Having a healthier work environment also creates less sick days for your staff.  Steam N Fresh always provides Honest, Upfront pricing on all services and we would love to come give you a free on site evaluation of your carpets, cubicle panels, upholstery, and tiled floors. 

Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning Marietta practices low-moisture carpet cleaning in East Cobb to our customers that need us to work around their employees. This method is quieter, dries quickly, and still provides your facility with the deep cleaning Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Marietta is known for.

Not only will you have a healthier work environment, your carpets will also last longer from being maintained as the manufacturer recommends, and keeping up with the soil of your facility.  By a combination of steam cleaning and low moisture encapsulation we can keep the soil from being spread throughout your facility.


We use the latest carpet cleaning technology and equipment to make sure you get the most from your commercial carpet maintenance programs. Steam N Fresh has the highest quality workmanship, and we use proven techniques that get your carpets clean, and keep them cleaner, longer. Steam N Fresh always balances the pH of your carpet to resist rapid resoiling and elongate its life.

We tailor fit a maintenance schedule for your facility's needs and we work around your schedule.  We can work with your maintenance budgets to give you the healthiest, best looking office so you stand out to your new clients.  Give Steam N Fresh a call today at 928-273-7047 or email us at for all of your commercial carpet, cubicle panel, tile, and upholstery cleaning needs.


All of our cleaning solutions are 100% Non-toxic, biodegradable and are safe for every member of your staff. If you're looking for the greenest cleaners, we have them ranging from food based, to organic, just ask request them when making the appointment, or when we arrive. We don't charge extra for this.

3M Scotchgard Protection

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned by Steam N Fresh there is no telling when your next spill, or stain may occur. Wouldn’t you like to be more prepared for these future spots and stains and help elongate the life of your carpet? Having your carpets professional cleaned is just as important as having Steam N Fresh protecting them. We recommend using carpet protector to help prevent water and oil based soils, not only will it help safeguard the individual fibers but it will also add extra protection on those high traffic areas.

How To Prepare For A Carpet Cleaning?

Please arrange for the least amount of people to be in the areas to be cleaned. Our hoses created a tripping hazard, and we don't want anyone being burned from our HOT hoses.  Please move all heavy furniture prior to us arriving at your Marietta facility. Before having your carpets in Marietta cleaned please vacuum large debris, scraps of paper and move all breakables and all precious items from all areas to be cleaned.  We don't move any furniture, or electronics. 

If you'd like:

Anti-Microbial, Deodorizers, Sanitizers, and Carpet or Fabric Protector can be applied for an additional charge.

Our 9 Step Cleaning Process For your Carpet, Tile, Upholstery and Systems Panels:

Pre-Inspection: All of our cleanings start with an inspection of the areas to be cleaned so we                           can set the realistic expectations, and note areas of damage or possibly                                   permanent stains.

Pre-Vacuum: Most customers vacuum before we arrive however, we vacuum any areas                                 missed.

Furniture Moving: We will move all light furniture out of the areas to be cleaned.

Pre-treatment: We always pre-treat all areas to be cleaned to loosen up and emulsify the                                 soils.

Spots & Stains: We carry a variety of carpet spotters to give you the best carpet cleaning                                  possible.

Agitation: Scrubbing your carpets helps release soil and ensures a thorough cleaning.

Steam Rinse: In this step, all cleaning solutions are neutralized and rinsed from your                                      carpet along with the suspended soils leaving your carpets clean, and soft                                to the tough.

Speed Dry: We carry high velocity air movers to get your carpets dry as quick as possible.

Post Inspection: Final walk-through and we educate you about how to maintain your                                         carpets.