Pet Stain and Odor Removal in Phoenix

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale

Let Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning get your home healthier and cleaner today!

Pets are apart of the Phoenix family, but sometimes man's best friend can take over your home becoming your worst enemy.

Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix wants you to rest assured all of our cleaning solutions are pet and child friendly and won't harm them at all.


Steam N Fresh is here to aid you with your pet stain and pet odor removal in your Phoenix home.  Once we remove those stubborn stains and eliminate your pet's odor, your home can become yours again.  You'll happily welcome you pets back to their favorite places, or by your side.


We understand when an accident happens, even the most well behaved pets can have an accident here and there and they cannot always help it.  Rest assured if your pet has an accident on your carpet, rug or furniture Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help!  We can remove and neutralize the destructive acids from bodily fluids before they have a chance to damage your carpet, padding, rugs, sub-floors, or fabrics along with creating unsightly areas. 

Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix, offers a comprehensive pet odor removal process, a complete three-step system which can pull out the scent, stain and nasty stuff left behind by your pets, if it can be removed. Our process can be tailored to take care of all your needs. We know that every carpet cleaning situation is unique, so we start with a thorough pre-inspection and analysis of your carpet or upholstery, we will give our honest recommendations.


After finding the targeting problem spots, we use our pet specific cleaning solutions to treat, neutralize, dissolve, and encapsulate the mess.

In some cases normal carpet cleaning or light deodorizing may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, the pet urine can soak through the carpet and into the pad. It may even soak into the floor and tack strips. In these cases, each level of the problem must be addressed to successfully eliminate the odor. We even have a specialized tool that can pull pet urine from your carpet padding, without removing the carpet.

If you are ready to take your home back from your furry loved ones, give Steam N Fresh, your Phoenix Carpet Cleaner, a call and we will happily come out and give you a free in-home evaluation.