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Terms and Conditions For Services
Steam N Fresh or its authorized agent agrees to perform the work specified in a professional manner using every care to accomplish a satisfactory service. The client agrees to be bound by Steam N Fresh's Terms & Conditions.
Spot and Stain Removal. 
The client understands that variations in carpet, fabric and dye composition could potentially make it impossible for stains to be removed, consequently stain removal cannot be guaranteed. 

Pet Urine and Odor Treatment. 
Urine and odor treatments cannot be guaranteed if the damage is in the padding or sub floor but we are still able to improve the situation with our stage 3 treatment (Acid, OSR with/without water claw, and Live Enzyme). If you deny a urine treatment any illness, sicknesses, malodors, remaining odors and stains are not the fault of Steam N Fresh and the company also is not liable for any additional services to help with the situation.


Colorfastness and Fading. 
The company will test the fibers and other materials for colorfastness and advise the customer regarding the adverse effects, which may result due to the cleaning process. The customer will not hold the company responsible for color fading due to light, age, weak or deteriorated materials. If anyone in the home has used an over the counter spotter/stain remover such as Resolv, Rug Doctor Shampoo, any pet treatment oxidizers, etc the customer must let us know so we can try and neutralize that cleaning solution and handle the treatment with professional cleaning solutions and extraction. There are no guarantees and permanent damage usually results from using OTC spotters. 


Carpet Materials. 
Backing, lining and other materials and processes used in manufacturing carpeting and furniture may produce adverse results in the face material when cleaned, including shrinkage. There is no way of determining when such results will occur, the customer will not hold the company or its agents responsible for this adverse results unless caused by company negligence.  Steam N Fresh is not liable if a seam opens due to excessive wear, customer neglect, improper carpet maintenance, or a bad installation.


Tile & Grout. 
The company will not be liable for any invisible preexisting conditions including cracked, loose, or broken tile or grout caused by improper installation or age. The company will not be held responsible for the removal of pre-existing floor coatings including wax coatings, grout stain or efflorescence residue which may appear after cleaning, the company will not be responsible for certain heavy soiling due to prolonged absence of sealer which may have bonded to the tile and/or grout. Grout is a porous and can absorb stains, and not all stains can be removed from gout.  Examples are hot liquids spilled onto the grout, acids, and reoccurring spills from soda, coffee, teas, etc.


Furniture Moving. 
Our professionals will be happy to move a chair, small tables, ottoman and other furniture that is NOT heavier than 35 lbs. If you would like us to clean behind large furniture, such as a hutches, china cabinets or entertainment systems, please move it prior to the cleaning visit to allow access to the area. If the customer moves their furniture back before the carpet has fully dried in all areas they assume all risks that may occur when wood stain can possibly transfer to the carpet or textile.  Steam N Fresh is not liable for any furniture that is moved improperly. If a piece of furniture has a weak leg or unstable in any way please let us know or move this prior to the visit.

Rug Cleaning:

Yes, we will exercise great care when cleaning your carpets, rugs, and fabrics. However, many manufacturers or importers fail to consider that their products will eventually need a cleaning. We cannot be responsible for manufacturers, maintenance, or use-related problems or product limitations (whether existing or potential), such as: shrinkage, fugitive or migrating dyes; marking transfers to pile yarns (labels, stencil), yarns that might bleed, bleached spots, sun or other forms of fading; cellulosic browning, texture change; fibers or yarns weakened by age or urine, which may come apart in cleaning. (Dry rot may result in cuts, shredding or separation of fibers and does not always show prior to cleaning), chemical, fungal or insect damage; degraded adhesives; delamination; wear; permanent discoloration or stains; detergent or spotting chemical damage or residue.  It is further understood that there is no guarantee that all stains and pet odors can be completely removed.  In cleaning your carpet and rugs some changes in the carpet or rug may occur which are unavoidable.  These changes are listed at the end of this agreement and are to be considered part of the agreement. NO VERBAL PROMISES OF OPINIONS OF OUR EMPLOYEES SHALL BE BINDING ON US. Our guarantee is to give you expertise and workmanship consistent with industry standards of care, combined with results that may be limited by existing or potential conditions. Although we exercise care in avoiding, as much as possible, even manufacturing use of maintenance related problems, YOUR SIGNATURE BELOW INDICATES THAT YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THIS AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE RISKS INVOLVED THAT MAY BE BEYOND OUR CONTROL AND THAT YOU UNDERSTAND YOU ARE HAVING THE LISTED ITEM(S) CLEANED WITH THESE RISKS ASSUMED.

ADDITIONALLY: Pursuant to A.R.S. SS 33-1021, Steam N Fresh, reserves the right to place a lien on property placed in our possession for the purposes of cleaning, when the owner fails to pay for services rendered and/or property after 30 days notice of satisfaction of contracted service. In addition, pursuant to A.R.S. SS 33-1023, Steam N Fresh, will make attempts to sell said property and collect unpaid amount due, prior to forfeiting possession of property to the Arizona Dept. of Revenue Unclaimed Property Division.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

NOTICE: In cleaning your carpet or rug, some changes in the carpet or rug may occur which are unavoidable, and the customer assumes all risks in regard to changes which may occur during cleaning including the following:

1. SHRINKAGE:  Shrinkage is usually minimal, however, rugs made of wool and/or cotton tend to shrink more often than other rugs.

2. BACKING:       Latex-backed canvas or monkscloth tends to get limp, crack or deteriorate.  The backing may come off.  There will be a charge to repair if necessary.

3. DISCOLORATION:        Some rugs may have been made with fugitive dyes, and after washing, may change color, bleed or fade due to air pollution, wear, action of sunlight, age, improper cleaning methods used in the past, and deteriorated material.  Customer agrees to accept our findings.

4. RIPPLES:          Cause by uneven shrinkage or moisture absorption.

5. SPOTS AND STAINS:   Some spots and stains are evident prior to the cleaning, other are not. We cannot guarantee the removal of a stain, whether it is visible prior to or after the cleaning.

6. DRY ROT:        Deteriorated material may come apart in cleaning. This is impossible to determine before cleaning. Dry rot may result in cuts, shredding, or separation of fibers.

7. ABRASH:         Color changes in the dyes are cometimes done intentionally by the wearer or manufacturer where the colors change from darker to lighter, or completely different. This is not a defect. However, sometimes the weaver may dye wool at different times, and after washing the colors of the original wool may be evident (especially with Navajo Rugs).

8. TEXTILE CHANGE:        Changes of appearance due to change of texture without significant fiber loss may take place during the rug or carpet service.


Price Quotes. 
All free no obligation over the phone price quotes are only estimates and pricing may change upon further inspection by the technician if heavy soiled areas, pet issues or other concerns arise. Quote will be provided before work is performed and there is no obligation. Pricing is subject to change at any time if you the customer didn't explain the true areas to be cleaned, pet issues, or excessive soiling, or have added additional services. All quotes are valid for ten business days. A room is considered an area up to 200 square feet.


Invoice is due upon receipt for all customers. If you are not present during the time of your scheduled appointment payment will be due before the work begins.



Returned Checks.
A $55 fee is added to your invoice in case of a returned check. 


Our Guarantee. 
Our company performs the highest quality work and we back it up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with any area serviced, call us within 24 hours of initial service and we will re-service the area. If you are still not satisfied we will refund the amount paid for the unsatisfactory area of service.


Customer Complaints

In the event that you wish to complain about the services provided by steamnfresh.com, this must be done either in writing or by telephone within 14 days of completion of the work. No complaints will be be binding, or may not be acceptable after this time period.

Steam N Fresh Terms & Conditions