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Let Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning get your home healthier and cleaner today!

If you're looking for a professional residential or commercial upholstery cleaner in Prescott Valley, Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Prescott Valley, provides a professional upholstery cleaning service for their residential and commercial clients in the Prescott Valley Area.

Before buying another sofa or armchair just because it’s lost its luster over time, try having it cleaned. Steam N Fresh offers a professional upholstery cleaning service that can restore your favorite chair or couch and return the shine it once provided. Steam N Fresh provides superior upholstery cleaning services in Prescott Valley and surrounding areas.

Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned by Steam N Fresh extends the life of your furniture, leaving you with a healthier home. Whether your upholstered furniture is made of natural or synthetic fabrics, our upholstery cleaning process for your Phoenix home can help revive your beautiful furnishings.

Over time dust mites, pet dander, dead skin cells, body oils, and harmful VOCs get trapped within your upholstery and let’s face it when the pollen comes there is nowhere we can hide from it. Let Steam N Fresh of Phoenix, protect you and yours from this harmful allergen with regular upholstery cleanings.

All of our cleaning solutions are 100% Non-toxic, biodegradable and are safe for pets, children, and every member of your Prescott Valley family. If you're looking for the greenest upholstery and furniture cleaners in Prescott Valley, Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning is your solution. We have them ranging from food based, to organic, just ask request them when making the appointment, or when we arrive. We don't charge extra for this.

After a deep cleaning, Scotchgard should be replaced to help prevent traffic patterns, premature wear, and help block stains when spills occur. In a residential setting Scotchgard can last up to 1 year in your Prescott Valley and  in light to moderate soil conditions, in heavy soil content, it is recommended after every phoenix upholstery cleaning.

If you'd like:

Anti-Microbial, Deodorizers, and Carpet or Fabric Protector can be applied for an additional charge.

3M Scotchgard Protection

Once your furniture is professionally cleaned by Steam N Fresh there is no telling when your next spill, or stain may occur. Wouldn’t you like to be more prepared for these future spots and stains and help elongate the life of your upholstery? Having your upholstery professional cleaned is just as important as having Steam N Fresh protecting them. We recommend using fabric protector to help prevent water and oil based soils, not only will it help safeguard the individual fibers but it will also add extra protection on the wear areas.

How To Prepare For An Upholstery Cleaning?

Please arrange for pets, and small children to be away from all areas to be cleaned. Our hoses created a tripping hazard, and we don't want anyone being burned from our HOT hoses. 

Our 9 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process:

Pre-Inspection: All of our upholstery cleanings start with an inspection of the furniture to be cleaned                           so we can set the realistic expectations, and note areas of damage or possibly                                       permanent stains.

Pre-Vacuum: Most customers vacuum before we arrive however, we vacuum any areas missed.

Furniture Moving: We will move all furniture appropriately to be fully cleaned.

Pre-treatment: We always pre-treat all areas to be cleaned to loosen up and emulsify the soils.

Spots & Stains: We carry a variety of spotters to give you the best upholstery cleaning possible.

Agitation: Scrubbing your upholstery helps release soil and ensures a thorough cleaning.

Steam Rinse: In this step, all cleaning solutions are neutralized and rinsed from your fabrics along                              with the suspended soils leaving your furniture clean, and soft to the touch.

Speed Dry: We carry high velocity air movers to get your carpets dry as quick as possible.

Post Inspection: Final walk-through and we educate you about how to maintain your upholstery.